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Guest arrival information

guest arrival information

Hi there,

In just a few days time your Ibiza holiday will begin. Thanks again for booking it with us. Just before you do arrive here are some important pieces of information you may find useful. This is a new thing we are doing for the 2015 season. We're hoping this will make your arrival and holiday more enjoyable and we would be very grateful if you could digest it all and fully understand it.


The Apartments in Ibiza team.


The address of your apartment is Calle de la Mediterrania 5, B-3-4, Ibiza, Isla Baleares, 07800.

Below is a Google map location (red pin) of the apartments and your entrance gate.


Right address / WRONG ADDRESS?

The Bossa Azul apartments are a mixed rental and residential building so it would be great if you could avoid upsetting your neighbours by not ringing the wrong doorbell. So that there's no mistake your apartment will have a specific door mat which you'll be able to easily identify. Whoever checks you in will make you aware of this.

As a helpful reminder here's a picture of your road, the entrance gate, the block entrance and your front door. Just click on any of the images to see full size.


We ask you to please keep your apartment clean and tidy while you're there, so it would be helpful to know where the nearest bins are. The Google map above has a yellow pin indicating the location of them.

For your convenience there will be some black plastic bin bags for your rubbish in your kitchen. It would be especially helpful if you could clear your apartment of all rubbish just before your check out.

It's possible to recycle your paper, cardboard and plastic if you feel like helping the planet out a bit.

Holiday Insurance

Ibiza is a relatively safe place on a personal level and thankfully crime is low. There are some incidents of theft though which is why we think it's always better to be safe than sorry. As such we strongly advise everyone in your group to get holiday insurance. Policies are fairly cheap and easily available off the internet. For example, in the UK, the Money Saving Expert website are currently recommending the insurance company Holiday Safe.


As mentioned above, Ibiza has a relatively low crime rate and thankfully incidents are very rare. Some holiday apartments do suffer break ins though so it's our policy to try and prevent it ever happening in any of ours. Always lock everything up before you leave the apartment. Thus includes all sliding glass doors to the terrace. We even recommend this at night while your asleep.

We also recommend keeping all of your valuables in a safe. All of our apartments have at least one and most often, several more. The person who checks you in will show you how to operate the safes.



It's never a good thing to waste electricity so we do ask if you can switch the lights off when you go out.

Perhaps more importantly the biggest user of electricity is the air-conditioning. Please switch this off when you're either not using it or you're going out.

We don't charge you for the electricity you use while you're on holiday but if we notice exceptionally high usage from keeping the air-conditioning on permanently you may incur and additional surcharge.


The apartment has free wireless internet. The code for your router is written on the bottom but for your reference it's also given here.


Please remember, most issues with your wifi can be resolved by switching the router off, waiting 30 seconds, then switching back on again.

parties & noise

Respect your neighbours and other holiday makers. As mentioned before, the Bossa Sol apartments are a residential block which means that no parties are tolerated. Any complaints from residents that require a visit from either us or the local police may result in a charge being made against some of your security deposit.

Please avoid making unnecessary noise at all times. This includes the playing of loud music. We also recommend not wearing stiletto heels in the apartment as the sound travels through to the apartment below.

Please also extend your respect to others into the common areas scubas stairs and landings as well. 

Please click here for a printable pdf document containing your apartment address and wifi code. That's about everything. The person checking you in will give you the contact details for any problems that occur with the apartment during your stay. We look forward to seeing you soon.


The Apartments in Ibiza team.